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Refund Policy

When you visit our site, it doesn’t establish any kind of Consultant-client or advisor-client relationship between you and TPGImmigrationServices. This is because you will only be a guest reader/visitor for our website till then. Such relations can only be initiated after you pay the consultancy fee on our website. If you visit on the website ends up being termed as a client & advisor or client & consultant relationship, you will become eligible for refunds from the company.

The relationship between the company and the client will always be treated as a new agreement that will be read and agreed upon by both parties with proper signatures. The refund policy agreed by the client and the company will be treated to be completely autonomous irrespective of the terms of usage of the website as it will be separately agreed upon and signed by both parties, namely the client and TPGImmigrationServices.

The pact of engagement will always differ, depending on the clients the company is dealing with. This is why it is the job of the client to submit a formal request to TPGImmigrationServices to provide them with a proper draft of COE or the Contract of Engagement. The contract of engagement will contain terms and conditions, privacy policy as well as all the necessary details about the refund policy so that you can easily go through and understand it properly.

The client will have to provide all the necessary details that will be requested by TPGImmigrationServices. Also, all the details required in the visa office or the immigration services should be thoroughly checked before submission. If any of the details found in the credentials are surfaced as fraudulent, suspicious, or even fake, the consultancy service will not take any responsibility for it and you will be disqualified from any type of refunds from our service.

We TPGImmigrationServices are mandated to help you with the processes that you will pay us for. Against the payment, you will receive the COE or the contract of engagement and all the necessary details will be provided there. You will only qualify for the refunds where the problem occurred due to the fault of TPGImmigrationServices.

The company has no control over any type of changes that might occur during and if any such things happen during the processing of your petition for immigration, the company can’t be held accountable for it in any way. Changes in regulations and criteria are subject to the policy of the government. The client should always make sure that they disclose every update or communication to the consultancy that they receive from the visa or the immigration office.

The client should truthfully reveal all the major and minor details about their police records to TPGImmigrationServices. Any type of wrongdoings, police cases or legal issues should be disclosed to the consultant including all the people that are dependent on them and any chances or records of insolvency. If the client doesn’t reveal these details and it is later found in future proceedings, the client will not be entitled to any kind of refunds from TPGImmigrationServices “Fees will be non refundable”


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