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The Fastest Way To Get A Study Permit For Canada

Canada has become an enhancing popular destination where international students are coming throughout the world. There are a few simple steps that every foreign national must take if he is coming to study in Canada. It is extremely crucial to know what is the fastest way to get a study permit for Canada and exactly what documents you should show to the Canadian authorities.

If you have any desire to come to Canada for pursuing your post-secondary education, continue to read these steps for applying for your Canadian Study Permit!

Obtain Your Acceptance Letter

You must first obtain your acceptance letter from a Canadian University when you want to apply for a Canadian Study Permit. Your acceptance letter must include some particular information. The letter should also come from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). It is an organization that holds authorization from the Canadian government for hosting international students.

Preparation of Study Permit Application

You can start your preparation for your Canadian Study Permit Application once you have received your letter of acceptance. This application has a requirement of extensive documentation which proves your intentions in Canada and your capability for assisting yourself.

There might be requirements for diverse documents which depend on the country. But you can have the verification of our individual document requirements by consulting the Immigration and by going to the website of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Generally, while submitting your study permit application, you will be required to facilitate with the following documentation along with those documents that are requested for your country:

● Acceptance letter
● Proof of Financial Support

Submit Study Permit Application!

You can submit your application by making use of an online web portal or by submitting a paper on the basis of the application in hard copy to your designed visa application center (VAC). Processing times might be different greatly from country to country that range from a few weeks to a few months.

Travel to Canada

If you are living outside of Canada and you have got approval for your application, then you will receive a Letter of Introduction at the Port of Entry (POE) along with a Travel Visa if there is a requirement of it for your country of citizenship. These documents will give you authorization for traveling to a Canadian POE for obtaining your study permit. You can receive your study permit when you will land at a POE of Canada and speak to a border official.

Maintenance of Good Status

If you have got approval for your study permit and you are going to enter Canada as an international student, then you must meet the requirements for maintaining legal status in Canada! You must:

● You must always enroll at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
● Progress towards completion of your program
● Take each condition listed on your study permit into consideration
● Leave Canada when your study permit gets expired