In this article, we will comprehend the scope of diploma courses in Canada after 12th or Graduation. Along with this, we will also explain to you that why it is great exposure to you. If you are a student or a concerned parent, we assure you that we will serve you with the latest and accurate information about the subject.

Why Canada for Diploma Courses after 12th or Graduation?

As many of you are aware that Canada is one of the high-paced and super-developed countries in the world. So, its echos are also part of their education system. Universities and colleges of Canada stand out in terms of guidance and quality education. While your learning understanding and experiencing the country will boost you as a person in numerous ways.

Your soft skills, for instance, behavior and language will get tamed and the top-quality education that you will get in Canada will make you updated for any field. It would be a wise decision for you to emphasize your proficiency with a diploma from Canada.

How much does it cost to do a Diploma Course in Canada?

The cost and duration of a diploma course in Canada are also different according to the kind of institution or course you choose. Diploma programs range from Healthcare to entertainment along with technological realms. Most diplomas are either of one year or two years which costs on an average 7 to 8 lakhs INR per year.

Diploma Course in Canada after 12th

A diploma course after the 12th makes a young person capable of exploring his or her life to the fullest. The reason is you are pretty young and have a big craving for jumping into a new learning environment. There is a huge number of courses given below which you can select after your higher secondary education.
● Design and Visual Arts
● Design in Visual Communication (IDEA program)
● Design

● Environmental Biology
● Environmental Chemistry
● Environmental Engineering
● Environmental Geoscience

Engineering technology
● Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Chemical
● Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Environmental Studies
● Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Petroleum
● Biomedical Engineering Technology (3YR)
● Chemical Engineering

Dental hygiene
● Dental Hygiene
● Dental Assistant

Agriculture and agri-food
● Agriculture Sciences Certificate
● Agricultural Equipment Technician
● Agricultural Biology
● Agricultural Economics
● Agronomy

● Accounting
● Accounting – BBA
● Accounting Assistant
● Accounting Management
● Accounting Technician


It is a truth that international students can get scholarships and it is dependent upon your merit and skill set to get that. You also have the requirement of adequate funds for meeting your living expenses along with expanding your scholarship.

You also have to undergo the necessary entrance examination to the specified course if there is any. Along with this, you must also have proficiency in the English language to get admission.

There is a diversity of scholarships in Canada for studying. Students may opt for Canada as their study destination. There are numerous universities and colleges in Canada which facilitate a special scholarship for Indian students. If you are studying with a scholarship, it doesn’t mean that you will be exempted from other restrictions.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is a scholarship program that is named after Major General Georges P. Vanier. This scholarship is planned for attracting doctoral students across the globe.

The students must have research potential, academic excellence, and leadership. Moreover, they must get referred by a Canadian Institute. The area of research of scholarship is social sciences, engineering, natural sciences, and health research.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

This scholarship is for those students who are of Masters and Ph.D. courses. Students from any stream may apply for this scholarship. But, he must have the greatest intellectual ability along with academic excellence.

The student must have a GPA of 3.0 or even higher for getting this scholarship. UMGF gives support to a student for five years or sixty months. Normally, the application for this scholarship starts in January.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship program entices numerous international students. Those students who are pursuing a full-time graduate degree can go for it. This scholarship is awarded to 5 candidates per annum. The amount of scholarship is CAD 15000 which a student can use as his tuition fees.


Canada has become an enhancing popular destination where international students are coming throughout the world. There are a few simple steps that every foreign national must take if he is coming to study in Canada. It is extremely crucial to know what is the fastest way to get a study permit for Canada and exactly what documents you should show to the Canadian authorities.

If you have any desire to come to Canada for pursuing your post-secondary education, continue to read these steps for applying for your Canadian Study Permit!

Obtain Your Acceptance Letter

You must first obtain your acceptance letter from a Canadian University when you want to apply for a Canadian Study Permit. Your acceptance letter must include some particular information. The letter should also come from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). It is an organization that holds authorization from the Canadian government for hosting international students.

Preparation of Study Permit Application

You can start your preparation for your Canadian Study Permit Application once you have received your letter of acceptance. This application has a requirement of extensive documentation which proves your intentions in Canada and your capability for assisting yourself.

There might be requirements for diverse documents which depend on the country. But you can have the verification of our individual document requirements by consulting the Immigration and by going to the website of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Generally, while submitting your study permit application, you will be required to facilitate with the following documentation along with those documents that are requested for your country:

● Acceptance letter
● Proof of Financial Support

Submit Study Permit Application!

You can submit your application by making use of an online web portal or by submitting a paper on the basis of the application in hard copy to your designed visa application center (VAC). Processing times might be different greatly from country to country that range from a few weeks to a few months.

Travel to Canada

If you are living outside of Canada and you have got approval for your application, then you will receive a Letter of Introduction at the Port of Entry (POE) along with a Travel Visa if there is a requirement of it for your country of citizenship. These documents will give you authorization for traveling to a Canadian POE for obtaining your study permit. You can receive your study permit when you will land at a POE of Canada and speak to a border official.

Maintenance of Good Status

If you have got approval for your study permit and you are going to enter Canada as an international student, then you must meet the requirements for maintaining legal status in Canada! You must:

● You must always enroll at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
● Progress towards completion of your program
● Take each condition listed on your study permit into consideration
● Leave Canada when your study permit gets expired


When it comes to seeking a Master’s Degree with an excellent educational background, Canada is the perfect choice for you. World-class education that is supplemented with values cast the students of the University of Canada.

Canada and Canadian universities are the most sought out ones. The reason is that these are some of the top countries in the world that offers outstanding education and training.

Why study for a Master’s Degree in Canada?

  • The Canadian University is recognized globally for pursuing an education in Canada. This ensures a firm reputation along with recognition for the students.
  • The Universities in Canada facilitate students with scholarships for letting them meet their academic standards.
  • The campus life is unmatchable at the universities in Canada. The facilities and amenities are open to every student. Social life within the campus is also excellent. The campus life under the Education System of Canada from events to parties assures growth and development of the potentials and skills of students.
  • There is also an assurance of employment opportunity for those students who have done graduation from the institutions of Canada. There is always a job for those students who have completed their education at the University of Canada. The reason is that the education system of Canada is ranked top globally.
  • The research is also extremely necessary for those students who are going to pursue their Masters’s degrees. Scholarships and absolute support are offered for research ideas for the students. Along with this lecture, assistance is also available for academic projects.
  • With amazing weather, Canada is a beautiful country. It has much more to serve you and its sights are also enthralling.

Top Universities for Master’s Degree in Canada

Canada facilitates students with the best education with recognized universities across the country. Some of the top universities for master degrees in Canada are:

● University Of Waterloo
● Ontario
● McMaster University etc.
● University Of Toronto
● Ontario
● McGill University
● Montreal
● Quebec
● Queens University
● Kingston
● University Of British Columbia
● Vancouver
● BC
● Concordia University
● Montreal
● Quebec

Study Master’s Degree in Canada

There is a huge range of streams for students to choose from in the Education System of Canada. Each field of study has its own detailed curriculum which is served to the students by the specialized and excellent faculty of the universities in Canada. Given below are some of the top Master’s Degree in Canada are:

● Master of Global Management
● Masters of Management in Finance (MMF)
● Master of Fine Arts
● Master of Medical Biotechnology
● Master of Theology (Th.M)
● Masters of Management in Analytics
● Master of Health Administration (MHA)
● Master of Engineering Leadership in Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture


Canada is consistently ranking as one of the best countries in the world. And presently it is ranked as the best country for a quality life. If you will do your studies in Canada, you are going to get an education that is internationally recognized by some of the top academics & educators in the world.

Are there any benefits that are associated with doing studies in Canada? There are numerous benefits of it. Whether you decide to go to one of the vibrant large cities or you get settled on a small campus in a warm or welcoming community. Your experience there will give shape to your life. This may become the reason for your career or future in Canada.

What Are The Reasons To Study In Canada?

Cultural Diversity

You are going to find extremely warm and welcoming people in Canada who come from diverse ethnic groups with varying cultures and lifestyles. The multicultural environment present in Canada facilitates peaceful living and friendliness like no other country. You can also come to have the experience of rituals & festivals in Canada. For instance, The Montreal, International Jazz Festival, Calgary Stampede, & NHL Hockey, etc.

Fits Your Pocket

When you will do the comparison between universities in the US and UK and Canada, the tuition fee in Canada is relatively cheaper. And when you will take a return on investment into consideration, it is a bit apt option for students. If you are desired of cutting down your educational expenses, you can also apply to a huge range of scholarships.

High Quality of Education

The high quality of education is one of the most crucial reasons for going to study in Canada. If a student receives a degree from the University of Canada, it will act as a mark of excellence and trust.

Numerous Research Opportunities

The strong focus on research and development is one of the major reasons that Canadian education stands exceptional. There is no better country for you than Canada if you are a research scholar. The government of Canada facilitates huge support to research in agriculture, medicine, telecommunication, environmental science, and technology.

Best Educational Consultant Study In Canada

Right now so many students are looking towards Canada for higher studies, The Canadian embassy is always flooded with students applying for the Students Visa in Canada. The reason is simple, there are ample of opportunities for growth and learning is high in the advanced universities of this country, Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world and is closely considered the best place to live in. Its date environment, Immigrant friendly government and highly warm people make it easy for any student to go there for pursuing higher studies. One of the major reasons for people to move to Canada is the upgraded lifestyle and a wonderful community.

Best Educational Consultant Study In Canada
Studying in Canada does not mean only procuring a degree but also acing the subjects the faculty and curriculum in these universities is considered best in the world You can procure a study visa to Canada and pursue your dream to complete higher studies in the amazing country. Canada has one of the most high tech colleges and Institutions in the world. Studying in Canada is an amazing option for people who want to have studies in premier colleges at a considerably less cost.

These universities offer subjects and specializations from Art, Films, Science, and technology, Geology to Human behaviour and Psychology. No matter what you are of interest you can pursue your dream to excel it in the high tech universities. You can apply for masters, bachelors or PHD programs here.

It is a dream of student to get an admission and Visa for studies in Canada, however the processes are not that easy and you need professional services in order to apply. The score system is intricate and a better understanding of how to attain required points and present a strong application to the universities and embassy is important. You need agencies with the skilled teams with wide experience of Canada study visa for assistance to you.