When it comes to studying English, there are several countries that offer excellent opportunities for language learners. These countries provide a rich English-speaking environment, quality language programs, and cultural immersion experiences. Here is a detailed guide on the top 10 countries for studying English:

United States:

The United States is home to many prestigious universities and language schools. It offers diverse regional accents, a wide range of cultural experiences, and opportunities for international students to practice English in various contexts.

United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom, especially England, is known for its renowned universities and a long-standing tradition of English education. It offers a chance to learn British English and experience the rich history and culture of the country.


Canada is a popular destination for international students seeking to improve their English skills. It has a welcoming environment, high-quality education system, and offers opportunities to practice English in real-life situations.


Australia attracts students from around the world due to its excellent education system and relaxed lifestyle. English language courses are widely available, and the country’s multicultural society provides a diverse and immersive English-speaking environment.


Ireland is known for its friendly locals and high-quality education. It offers a unique opportunity to learn English with a distinct Irish accent while experiencing the country’s rich literary heritage and vibrant culture.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty and welcoming atmosphere. The country provides a peaceful environment for studying English, and its universities and language schools offer comprehensive language programs.

South Africa:

South Africa is an emerging destination for English language learners. It offers a unique blend of cultures, beautiful landscapes, and affordable education. The country has a neutral accent that is widely understood around the world.


Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea that offers a rich English-speaking environment. It is known for its affordable language courses, mild climate, and cultural diversity, making it an attractive destination for language learners.


Singapore is a vibrant cosmopolitan city-state that serves as a hub for international business and education. English is one of its official languages, and the country offers a multicultural environment with a mix of Asian and Western influences.


Scotland, as part of the United Kingdom, has a distinct cultural identity and its own variation of English. It is home to prestigious universities and language schools, providing opportunities for language immersion and academic excellence.

When choosing a country for studying English, consider factors such as cost of living, visa regulations, cultural attractions, and personal preferences. It’s also important to research and select reputable language schools or universities that offer suitable programs for your language learning goals

Studying abroad after completing 12th grade can be a rewarding and life-changing experience for Indian students. It offers opportunities to explore new cultures, gain international exposure, and pursue higher education at prestigious institutions. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

>Research your options:

Start by exploring various countries, universities, and courses that align with your interests and career goals. Consider factors like academic reputation, program offerings, location, cost of living, and scholarships available for international students.

Choose a course and university:

Once you have a list of preferred destinations and courses, narrow down your choices based on your academic profile and personal preferences. Review the admission requirements, curriculum, faculty, and campus facilities of each university to make an informed decision.

Entrance exams and language proficiency:

Many universities abroad require entrance exams such as the SAT, ACT, or subject-specific tests like the GRE, GMAT, or IELTS/TOEFL for English language proficiency. Research the specific requirements for each university and start preparing accordingly. Sign up for coaching classes or online resources to help you prepare for these exams.

Financial planning:

Studying abroad can be expensive, so it’s essential to plan your finances well in advance. Explore scholarship opportunities, both within India and abroad, that cater to international students. Research education loans, grants, and funding options available to support your studies. Consider the cost of tuition fees, accommodation, travel, living expenses, and healthcare.

Application process:

Once you have selected your preferred universities, begin the application process. Check the admission deadlines for each university and gather the necessary documents, such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and standardized test scores. Prepare your application essays and ensure they reflect your motivation, academic achievements, and future goals.

Apply for student visa:

Research the student visa requirements of your chosen country and prepare the necessary documents, including your admission letter, financial documents, and proof of language proficiency. Consult the embassy or consulate of the respective country for the application process and timeline. Apply for the student visa well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications.

Accommodation and travel arrangements:

Once your admission and visa are confirmed, start arranging your accommodation and travel plans. Many universities offer on-campus housing for international students, while others provide assistance in finding off-campus options. Consider factors like location, safety, cost, and facilities when choosing your accommodation.

Pre-departure preparations:

Before leaving for your study abroad destination, take care of essential pre-departure tasks. Inform your bank and mobile service provider about your international travel plans. Arrange for travel insurance and medical check-ups. Pack your belongings, ensuring you have the necessary documents, clothes, personal items, and any prescribed medications.

Orientation and settling in:

Upon arrival at your destination, attend the university’s orientation program for international students. This will help you familiarize yourself with the campus, academic policies, student support services, and local culture. Explore the city, make new friends, and join student clubs or organizations to enhance your overall experience.

Stay focused and enjoy the journey:

While studying abroad can be challenging, remember to stay focused on your academic goals. Manage your time effectively, engage with professors and classmates, and make the most of the learning opportunities. Embrace cultural diversity, step out of your comfort zone, and enjoy the unique experience of living and studying in a foreign country.

Remember, studying abroad requires careful planning and research. It’s essential to start early, stay organized, and seek guidance from education consultants or mentors who specialize in assisting Indian students in studying abroad.

Good luck with your journey!


Answer- Engineering courses are in high demand among study abroad aspirants. Some of the courses include-

    1. Mechanical Engineering
    2. Civil Engineering
    3. Electrical Engineering
    4. Biomedical Engineering
    5. Aerospace Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Answer- At least 60% of the marks are required in 12th to study abroad.

Students can explore different options for financing their studies abroad, including scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time work. They should also research the costs of living in their chosen destination and plan their budget accordingly.

Answer- The costs of studying abroad after 12th grade can vary greatly depending on the country and university. Students should consider tuition fees, accommodation, travel, and living expenses when planning their budget.

Answer- Popular destinations for studying abroad after 12th grade include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Study Visa

The college or university you choose to go to has a major impact on the rest of your life. So, probably it is a good idea to first do some research. We have done the compilation of a ranking of the Top Universities in the USA to assist you with the process.

Harvard University

Harvard University which was established in the year 1636 is the oldest higher education institution in the United States. As a leading university, it is widely regarded in terms of its academic pedigree, reputation, & influence in not just the US but also throughout the world.

This university is also home to the largest academic library system in the world with 400 million manuscript items, 1,80,000 serial titles, and 18 million volumes, and 10 million photographs.

Stanford University

Stanford University has located 20 miles north of San Jose, 35 miles south of San Francisco. It is widely popular as the heart of the dynamic Silicon Valley of Northern California. This Stanford university is home to Google, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, & numerous other cutting-edge tech companies. These companies were founded and continued to be led by Stanford Alumni & faulty.

Stanford University is possessing one of the largest university campuses in the US. It has 7 schools & 18 interdisciplinary research institutes. These are mainly Energy & Environmental Sciences, School of Earth, The Graduate School of Business, School of Engineering, etc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Now, MIT is an independent, privately endowed, coeducational university that is organized into five schools. These schools are mainly engineering; arts, humanities, and social sciences; architecture and planning; management; science. Still, the principle of educational innovation has remained at the core of the educational philosophy of this MIT University.

Researchers of MIT University are always at the vanguards of developments in artificial intelligence, cancer, HIV, & poverty alleviation. Meanwhile in the past MIT research has fueled scientific breakthroughs such as the invention of magnetic core memory, the development of radar, and the concept of the expanding universe.

Your dream cannot become reality through magic

Hard work & success are known for going together. There is a huge majority of people who have gained success used to claim that for a considerable time. They have worked hard for gaining what they have desired. There is no magic formula that may facilitate you in gaining success, and there is also not any short route to reach this point. The reason is that success in life is dependent upon a huge range of factors for which you must be dedicated.

Those people who work hard, sacrifice, and strive hard for achieving their objectives are those who have enjoyed the triumph since it has a requirement of time, energy, study, and passion for achieving success.

The Hard work which you do becomes the reason for making all your senses dedicated to the objectives which you have set. This strategy has benefits, which is an effective means for the accumulation of energy, adopting positive habits, and achieving a conviction.

The power of determination will serve you with excellent preparation for making you capable of facing the most difficult challenges in your life. There will not be any challenge that you can’t overcome with this. You will have a feeling of burning fire inside yourself that will cause you to demand more each day until you achieve all your objectives which you have set.

Hard Work Might Cause You Too Smart Work

It is a fact that you must work hard by keeping your objectives in your mind, but working hard which in turn leads to working smart is also a matter of concern. The more you will focus and strive hard, the more you will do the establishment of your efficiency goals and strategies for obtaining excellent outcomes.

Usually, successful people invest personal, spiritual strength, time, and energy for coming up with good results. They love the work which they do and have the strong determination for getting success. They have a belief in what they do, are well aware of their skills, and apply them in their projects with high performance.

Hard Work & Constancy Gives The Guarantee of Success

When you do so much hard work and find passion in things, then you are having the guarantee of success. You will get surrounded by good energies which will constantly serve you with motivation.

If you are doing the execution of activities which you are fond of at the most, then the hard work will become a much lighter burden for you since your positive emotional state will become the reason for additional energy to serve you with the extra effort which creates a difference.


If you are desired of getting a world-class education, then you must note that you really don’t have any requirement of flying to a far-off country. But, here is a list of some of the top reasons for studying abroad if you are not convinced about doing so.

Improves the quality of your CV

If you are having experience living internationally, then it will enhance your impression in the sight of employers. The reason is that it shows that you are experienced in dealing with people from diverse cultures in addition to a higher level of adaptability. If you can also explore a new country simultaneously as picking up skills for gaining a decent graduate job, then it will be extremely good going.

Brings Improvement On Your Language Skills

You must remember the foreign languages which you have learned in school? If your answer is no, then you can refresh them by doing your studies abroad. And you might be surprised by how much you remember. If you take extra language classes there, then it might also be a great way for meeting new people.

Meet Different Types of People

Your exposure to a diverse range of people will not only assist you in the development of your people skills, but it will also serve you with a more in-depth knowledge of others, especially those people who belong to different cultures.

Study & Learning In A Different Way

Most often those people who are doing their studies abroad will get an experience of an entirely new way of teaching. This might be daunting, but it will also open your mind to numerous new ways of learning.

Learning Self-reliance

The ultimate test in self-reliance is to move abroad. If you will move back then you will opt for relying on others less and will be capable of taking your own responsibility.

Greater Knowledge of Diverse Cultures

Cultural sensitivity is not only a quality that politicians might be accused of lacking. But, it is also something of which you can do the development while doing your studies abroad!


In this article, we will comprehend the scope of diploma courses in Canada after 12th or Graduation. Along with this, we will also explain to you that why it is great exposure to you. If you are a student or a concerned parent, we assure you that we will serve you with the latest and accurate information about the subject.

Why Canada for Diploma Courses after 12th or Graduation?

As many of you are aware that Canada is one of the high-paced and super-developed countries in the world. So, its echos are also part of their education system. Universities and colleges of Canada stand out in terms of guidance and quality education. While your learning understanding and experiencing the country will boost you as a person in numerous ways.

Your soft skills, for instance, behavior and language will get tamed and the top-quality education that you will get in Canada will make you updated for any field. It would be a wise decision for you to emphasize your proficiency with a diploma from Canada.

How much does it cost to do a Diploma Course in Canada?

The cost and duration of a diploma course in Canada are also different according to the kind of institution or course you choose. Diploma programs range from Healthcare to entertainment along with technological realms. Most diplomas are either of one year or two years which costs on an average 7 to 8 lakhs INR per year.

Diploma Course in Canada after 12th

A diploma course after the 12th makes a young person capable of exploring his or her life to the fullest. The reason is you are pretty young and have a big craving for jumping into a new learning environment. There is a huge number of courses given below which you can select after your higher secondary education.
● Design and Visual Arts
● Design in Visual Communication (IDEA program)
● Design

● Environmental Biology
● Environmental Chemistry
● Environmental Engineering
● Environmental Geoscience

Engineering technology
● Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Chemical
● Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Environmental Studies
● Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Petroleum
● Biomedical Engineering Technology (3YR)
● Chemical Engineering

Dental hygiene
● Dental Hygiene
● Dental Assistant

Agriculture and agri-food
● Agriculture Sciences Certificate
● Agricultural Equipment Technician
● Agricultural Biology
● Agricultural Economics
● Agronomy

● Accounting
● Accounting – BBA
● Accounting Assistant
● Accounting Management
● Accounting Technician

Top Courses To Study In Australia

Which Are The Top Courses To Study In Australia To Get A Secured Career?

As Australia is attracting around lakhs of students every year, it is widely popular for serving high-quality education. Australian universities are having a strong global reputation.

Top Courses To Study In Australia

Immigration factors & high-quality education have made Australia one of the highly popular destinations for study. We will talk about some top courses to study in Australia for getting a secured career in this article.


 Australia is a country with a 90% population of which lives away from the urban setup. So, there is a great demand for Architecture in Australia. Architects are also in great demand within the broad field of Architecture.


At the moment both core accountancy and professional accounting are in huge demand. Management Accountant and Tax Accountant have been listening on the MLTSSL. In addition to that those candidates who are holding Masters in Professional Accounting (MPA) are also going to have excellent job prospects in 2018 and 2019.

Agricultural Science

Forestry Consultants, Agricultural Consultants, Agricultural Scientists, and Agronomists are having tremendous career opportunities in Australia. In fact, those candidates who are holding a degree in Agriculture along with work experience in a similar field are going to get to immigrate to Australia without having to apply for any degree in the country. But, those candidates who are holding a degree from Australian University will get priority over others.

Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science assists in the assessment of the risks in insurance, finance, and other sectors with the assistance of statistical and mathematical approaches. This course is inclusive of numerous fields like finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Those candidates who are holding a degree in Actuarial Science are widely popular in business decision making, investment banking, etc.

There are a lot of consultants in Chandigarh that provide assistance in immigration services to Australia. You need to make sure that you undertake services from the one who is trustworthy and skilled in this area.

To attain Skilled Migrant Visa to Australia you need to qualify the score based on a points system.

A good consultant in Chandigarh should be able to provide you the detailed information about the procedure of attaining types of Visas in Australia.
The Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa is one of the most in demand Visa and you have to attain at least 65 points that include factors like your age, Language score and your professional and educational qualifications. If an applicant has attained the minimum score and also fulfil the criteria the Skilled Occupation List, they can pursue the immigration under this visa.

There are various benefits of this visa like you get permanent residency which has indefinite stay duration. You can avail all the Medicare benefits and social rights. There is possibility to bring in dependents and also sponsor your family for the PR. After a certain amount of time you can also get citizenship.

In Order to apply for this Visa you need to qualify certain criteria as described.

You need to have minimum score in the English language proficiency and present your score for various valid tests like IELTS/ TOEFL etc. You have to establish eligibility and give information about your experience for the occupation you have nominated for. You need to provide the information about your educational qualification. You need to undergo and get skill assessment report through concerned department for filling the immigration application.

You should have the relevant occupational expertise and nominate from one of the occupations in the Skilled Occupation List

The day you decide to study abroad and have a high education degree from a foreign college there are a lot of doubts and fears in your mind. Studying abroad is not just about having an admission in a god university but it is also about having the eligibility and getting the Visa in the country you want to go. It is believed that in present times having a good degree is a must to pursue high paying carrier as the competition is huge. You may wish to study abroad but you need proper guidance and support in order to begin the process and then apply for admission in the universities abroad. It is evident that you may need a lot of help and guidance from experts. For this you like all other students reach out to consultants and agencies that claim to have expertise in the domain. However it is much easier said but highly difficult to be done. These agents and consultants claim a lot however many lack expertise. Thus it is very important to choose the right ones and be safe from wasting your money you can be a victim of fraud if you do not get the right one. There are so many educational consultants out there however you have to choose the ones that have history of successful cases.